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Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

Stocking up before Venezuela's strike

Many Venezuelans were stocking up on food in anticipation of closed shops and trouble, after Venezuela's opposition called for a two-day strike.

From Russia with love

Scenes of romance on the streets of Russia.

Healthcare on the Hill

The Senate voted to begin formal debate of healthcare legislation that would repeal major elements of Obamacare.

Fireflies light up the night in Mexico

Tourists flock to sanctuaries near the town of Nanacamilpa in Mexico to watch fireflies as they gather to mate in the forest.

Going hungry in Yemen

Millions are malnourished in Yemen where famine looms, the United Nations says, as a two-year war has led to a collapse in the economy and health system.

Santa's summer vacation

Santas get together for some summer festive fun at the annual World Santa Claus Congress in Denmark.

Deadly wildfires in southern Europe

Firefighters battled wind-whipped infernos that have killed dozens in southern Europe.

Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors

Israel removes metal detectors from entrances to the Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City, hoping to calm days of bloodshed.

Hezbollah's frontier battle with Nusra Front

Hezbollah says its battle with Nusra Front jihadists at the Syria-Lebanon border is almost over, pressing its campaign to take their last foothold at the frontier.

Trump speaks at Scout Jamboree

President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.

REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri

Hyenas spark admiration, not fear, in Ethiopia's Harar city

Hyenas roam the streets of the ancient walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia every night, seeking scraps of meat to drag to the nearby caves. Abbas Yusuf, known as Hyena Man, learnt to feed the hyenas from his father.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

New Delhi woman bouncer pulls no punches

Mehrunnisha Shokat Ali has been a bouncer for nearly a decade, breaking up bar fights, frisking female customers, and uncovering illegal drugs at clubs in the Indian capital.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

Dying "Mother Ganges": holy river succumbs to pollution

Squeezed in to a small and sweaty East London nightclub at 3 a.m., the Slew Dem Crew spit bars to a raucous audience revelling in the fast growing popularity of Britain's new musical obsession.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

The battle for Mosul: urban warfare and civilian exodus

Drawing inspiration from Ukraine's 2013-14 revolt, Venezuela's young protesters are donning Viking-like shields in battles with security forces and eagerly watching a film on the Kiev uprising.  Full Coverage 

REUTERS/Andreea Campeanu

South Sudanese youth turn to art to push for peace

South Sudanese activists are using music, poetry, theatre, comedy, dance and fashion to preach tolerance in the world's youngest nation which has been divided by years of civil war.  Full Coverage 

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