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Is the dive good news for retirees?


The sharp market pullback that began two weeks ago is causing headaches for anyone on the verge of retirement.  Full Article | How to protect your nest egg in volatile times 

Family Finances

Plan ahead in your will for your virtual self

In the not-so-olden days of a few years ago, relatives might have sifted through stacks of documents to sort out your affairs after you died. These days, much of your presence in this world is floating around in the cloud.  Full Article 


Do some math on your new paycheck

Many Americans might not know how to assess whether the amount of withholding from paychecks is correct.  Full Article 


Is your Social Security online account safe?

More than 34 million Americans now conduct business with the Social Security Administration (SSA) online - and with that shift comes an increased risk of identity theft.   Full Article 


Bargain Bin: ETFs for value hunters

Think of the stock market right now as a high-school cafeteria. The most popular kids in school are growth investors, high-fiving and riding a multi-year bull run.  Full Article 


Life lessons from author James Patterson

Most writers dream of publishing a book in their lifetime, and maybe even selling a few copies. Then there is James Patterson, who has sold over 300 million of them.  Full Article 

A woman walks out of the ocean following a swim past sunset at Moon Light Beach in Encinitas, California October 28, 2014. REUTERS/Mike Blake

The best place to retire? You get to pick

Reuters has teamed up with Zillow to give you the power to customize a list of your best places to retire. Learn how to use our interactive tool to help you determine the cities and towns that meet your criteria.   Full Article 

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